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Certification Solutions - Benefits for Business

We focus on IT certifications, believing that certified professionals stand apart from other IT personnel as they are capable of demonstrating undeniable expertise with IT products and platforms to colleagues, employers, and, most importantly, to themselves. The one thing you can count on in the IT field is change. Whether it's for a new job or a system-wide deployment, keeping your employees' skills current is the best way to enjoy continued success.

There are a number of benefits associated with certifications for organisations already employing or wishing to recruit IT professionals:

  • Reliable benchmarks for hiring, promoting and rewarding employees. Hiring job candidates with IT credentials assures employers that they are getting qualified professionals with proven proficiency in IT technologies. Similarly, promotions and reward schemes have a solid foundation when they are dependent, amongst other things, on passing official IT exams and obtaining qualifications.
  • A way to measure training effectiveness. Many employers feel that they often do not get as much concrete result from training as anticipated. By knowing that, after the course, they will be tested in a rigorous manner, participants tend to concentrate more and intensify their effort to grasp the topics on which they are trained.
  • Higher technical standards, improved service, better productivity. The competition resulting from the exam and certification scheme is a strong incentive towards higher performance and effectiveness.
  • Just click below video to see why organizations are better-off having certified IT Pros and Developers amongst their staff:

    IT Interviews Gone Wrong and the Certified IT Pro
    Please see Stratos Panayides’s presentation in the 5th ICT Summit & Exhibition which took place on March 6, 2015 at Hilton Park, Lefkosia. The presentation demonstrated why IT Pros & Developers should be certified and which certifications are in high-demand in Cyprus and abroad.

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