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In this course, users will create and manage a project schedule, exchange project plan data with other applications, update project plans, create visual reports, and reuse project plan information using Microsoft Project.


This course is designed for a person who has an understanding of project management concepts, who is responsible for creating and modifying project plans, and who needs a tool to manage those project plans.

At Course Completion: 

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify the basic features and components of the Microsoft Project environment
  • Create a new project plan file and enter project information
  • Manage tasks by organizing tasks and setting task relationships
  • Manage resources for a project
  • Finalize a project plan
  • Exchange project plan data with other applications
  • Update a project plan
  • Manage project costs
  • Report project data visually
  • Reuse project plan information

A general introductory-level understanding of project management concepts.

Project and Project Terms

  • Theory of Project Management
  • Project User Interface, Windows, Quick Access Toolbar , Ribbons, File Tab, View Button
  • Using Help
  • Terminology
  • The Project Triangle
  • Creating a project
  • Default settings
  • Define project
  • Priorities

Create a Project Calendar

  • Create a New project Calendar
  • Set the Default working Hours & Week
  • Alter Hours of Working Day
  • Set additional Non-Working Days e.g. Bank Holidays
  • Applying a calendar to a project

Entering and Linking Tasks

  • Enter Tasks, Set Durations and create Milestones
  • Manual and automatic scheduling
  • Task information dialog
  • The indicator column
  • Create summary tasks
  • Using the outline tools
  • Link and unlink tasks, Link types
  • Predecessors and Successors
  • Add notes

Task Relationships and Critical Path

  • Finish to Start, Start to Finish, Finish to Finish and Start to Start
  • How to Avoid Dangling Tasks
  • Theory of Critical Path
  • Showing the Critical Path
  • Slack Time
  • Creating lead and Lag time

Navigation and Project Views

  • View button
  • Use Go to selected task Button
  • Use the Zoom tools To change timescale
  • View the timeline
  • Split views
  • Add tasks to timeline
  • Format Time-scale
  • Switch view to Calendar View
  • Switch view to Network Diagram
  • Switch view to Gantt Chart
  • Keyboard Short Cuts for Views
  • More views option


  • Enter resources
  • Resource types
  • Labels , names and groups
  • Set costs, standard and overtime
  • Cost per use
  • Resource Information dialog
  • Add notes
  • Pro rata
  • Cost Rate Tables
  • Fixed Task Costs
  • Resource Calendars
  • Availability
  • Task assigning

Task Constraints & Task Management

  • General (default) Constraints
  • Hard Constraints
  • Soft Constraints
  • Deadlines
  • Remove deadlines / constraints
  • Scheduling Project from Start Date
  • Scheduling Project from Finish Date
  • Delay and reschedule
  • Fixed Duration and Fixed units
  • Create and assign Task Calendars

Project Costing

  • Resource Costs
  • Duration Driven
  • Show Project Statistics for project cost and duration
  • Show cost table (Gantt view)
  • Identify over allocations
  • Deal with over allocations


  • Setting a baseline
  • Clearing a baseline
  • Marking tasks % complete
  • Using the tracking Gantt to spot slippage
  • Inactivate tasks
  • Reschedule workload
  • Levelling options
  • Splitting tasks

Sorting, Grouping & Filtering

  • Sorting tasks by non-default sort order
  • Apply grouping levels
  • Use the AutoFilter
  • Use In-built filters for Filtering Tasks

Table usage

  • Switch tables
  • More tables
  • Add columns
  • Hide columns

Producing Reports

  • Overview
  • Run Task Usage reports
  • Run Current Activities reports
  • Run Costing reports
  • Run Work load reports
  • Run visual reports to Excel or Visio
  • Running Custom reports


  • Print preview
  • Gantt Chart
  • Network Diagram
  • Calendar View
  • Page Setup Options
  • Print options
  • Snapshot to other application
Dates and Times: 
Dec 11 - 15
Duration (Hours): 

AKTINA Training Center
20 Loukis Akritas street, 1st floor
2064 Strovolos
(behind Kykko secondary schools)


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