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Microsoft Word - Advanced

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The course will enable a person to use a word processor with confidence.  It covers formatting of documents extensively, i.e. using section breaks to use different headers and footers and even different page orientation in one document.  It also covers the use of styles and coping styles from one document to another.  The course handles automation i.e. quick parts/autotext and hyperlinks.  Using Mail Merge to email documents to a group of people is also illustrated.


The advanced Word training course will help users that need to produce large, more complex, documents e.g. legal or proposal documents.

At Course Completion: 

After the course, you will be able to:

  • Use and Apply Styles
  • Create Table of Contents, Index and Referencing Tools
  • Create Templates
  • Track Changes
  • Use Outlining to Restructure

You must have sound Word skills and understand key concepts of documents.

Advanced Functionality

  • Paragraphs & Borders
  • Working with Styles & References
  • Forms - Moving & Copying within a Document
  • Tables and Calculations
  • Graphics
  • Mail Merge
  • Reviewing
Dates and Times: 
Dec 4 - 7
Duration (Hours): 

AKTINA Training Center
20 Loukis Akritas street, 1st floor
2064 Strovolos
(behind Kykko secondary schools)


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