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This training course is designed to teach web designers and developers how to create animations, presentations and basic applications using Adobe Flash. The course is task-based with students learning by doing. Along with covering the basics of Flash, the course focuses on best practices and design, stressing the importance of usability and performance.


The Adobe Flash training course will be useful for those who want to design interactive websites, rich media advertisements, instructional media, engaging presentations, games, and more.

At Course Completion: 

After completing this course you should be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Create Flash documents and test them in a browser
  • Import bitmap and vector images into Flash documents
  • Create graphics using Flash tools and commands
  • Incorporate text fields into Flash documents
  • Create Flash animations using different methods and techniques
  • Create rich Flash movies with interaction
  • Load external assets at runtime
  • Add sound and video to Flash documents
  • Publish Flash documents to meet different user needs
  • Use ActionScript in various ways in a Flash document

To undertake this course participants require basic computer skills with the ability to manage files and folders.

Introducing Adobe Flash 

  • Course format
  • Course outline and objectives
  • Introduction to Rich Internet Applications
  • Flash software
  • The Flash Player
  • Understanding Flash documents
  • Working with the Flash workspace
  • Developing Flash documents
  • Understanding the timeline
  • Frames, keyframes, property keyframes and blank keyframes
  • Publishing documents

Images and Graphic Assets

  • Understanding image types
  • Adding image and graphic assets
  • Importing Photoshop and Illustrator images
  • Using layers
  • Using and creating vector graphics with Flash tools
  • Using Flash colour tools
  • Using graphic symbols
  • Creating mask effects
  • creating 3D objects
  • Working with object properties
  • Creating and working with patterns

Working with Text

  • Working with text assets
  • Using the Flash new text Engine
  • Using static text
  • Using TLF text objects
  • Using Input and Dynamic text
  • Adding filter effects to text
  • Understanding font issues


  • Creating animations
  • Creating frame by frame animations
  • Creating classic tween animations
  • Creating motion tween animations
  • Using the Motion Editor
  • Using Easing
  • Controlling the timeline
  • Using onion skinning
  • Using a motion guide
  • Using shape tweening

Using ActionScript

  • Adding Actionscript
  • Using Script Assist
  • Using ActionScript 2.0 & 3.0
  • Using Code Snippets
  • Creating buttons
  • Adding actions to buttons
  • Creating navigation systems
  • Using behaviours
  • Using movieclips
  • Loading external assets at runtime

Working with Movieclips

  • Working with movieclips
  • Working with movieclip properties
  • Using movieclips to build different states
  • Using events to control visual state
  • Using behaviours

Working with Sound and Video

  • Working with sound and video overview
  • Importing sound files and adding sound to documents
  • Assigning sound properties
  • Controlling sound on the timeline
  • Using actionscript to load sounds
  • using FLV and F4V
  • Embedding video
  • Using FLVPlayback components

Publishing Flash Documents

  • Publishing for the web
  • Understanding publishing settings
  • Publishing to different file formats
  • XML based XFL files
  • Publishing multiple swf files
  • Adding Flash version detection
  • What effects document size
  • Techniques for optimising Flash documents

Using Flash Best Practice

  • Structuring Flash files correctly
  • Organising the timeline correctly
  • Organising ActionScript
  • Video conventions
Dates and Times: 
Nov 11 - 15
Duration (Hours): 

AKTINA Training Center
20 Loukis Akritas street, 1st floor
2064 Strovolos
(behind Kykko secondary schools)


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