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Adobe Premiere Pro

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Users will learn all the main features of Adobe video editing software from capturing video and importing tapeless media to creating dynamic titles, adding video effects, mixing audio and managing a project. Then take it to the next level by creating efficiency in your editing projects as well as color correction, exporting sequences and authoring DVDs.


This course is for anyone that needs to or wants to learn how to edit video clips and create digital movies for professional quality output, such as promotional videos.

At Course Completion: 

After the course, you will be able:

  • Touring the Premiere Pro workspace
  • Selecting settings, adjusting preferences and managing assets
  • Importing and managing tapeless media
  • Editing clips to the Timeline and Trimming techniques
  • Adding Video transitions and dynamic titles
  • Specialised Editing tools and Video Effects
  • Audio Mixing
  • Managing and Exporting Projects


  • Setting up the System

Starting A Project

  • Project settings
  • Preference settings
  • Asset Management
  • Sequences & Clips
  • Offline On-line Clips

Capturing & Importing Footage

  • Capturing Footage
  • Device Control Settings
  • Capturing Audio and Video
  • DV, HDV and HD
  • Importing Stills, Still Sequences,
  • Photoshop Files, with Adobe
  • Bridge, Projects
  • On-Location overview


Managing Clips

  • The Project Panel
  • Views
  • The preview area
  • Organising Clips in Bins
  • Duplicating and Copying Clips
  • Renaming Clips
  • Finding Clips (search function)
  • Interpreting Footage
  • Unlinking and Re-linking Media
  • The Project Manager

The Monitor Panels

  • Viewing Clips
  • Playback Controls
  • Audio Clips
  • Cuing Clips
  • Time Ruler Controls
  • Safe Zones
  • Display Mode
  • Waveform and Vectorscope Options
  • The Reference Monitor
  • Ganging source and Program
  • Monitors

Creating a Sequence

  • Editing Methods
  • In and Out Points
  • Subclips
  • Source and Target Tracks
  • Overlay and insert Edits
  • Adding Clips by Dragging
  • 3 and 4 point Edits
  • Lift and Extract
  • Storyboard Editing
  • Multiple and nested Sequences

Editing in the Timeline

  • The Time Ruler
  • Adding, Deleting and Renaming
  • Tracks
  • Markers
  • Selecting
  • Splitting Clips
  • Speed, Duration and Reverse
  • Multicam Editing
  • Syncronising Clips
  • Replace Clips

Refining the Sequence

  • Snapping
  • Trimming Methods
  • Trimming Clips
  • Ripple, Roll, Slip and Slide Edits
  • The Trim Panel
  • Split Edits (L and J Cuts)


  • The Effects Panel
  • Understanding Transitions
  • Applying a Transition


Dates and Times: 

Nov 6 - 16

Duration (Hours): 

AKTINA Training Center
20 Loukis Akritas street, 1st floor
2064 Strovolos
(behind Kykko secondary schools)


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