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Microsoft Excel: Power Pivot & Power View

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Power Pivot and Power View's integration into Excel brings a whole new level of scalability and functionality. With the inclusion of PowerPivot and Power View, Microsoft Excel 2013 becomes a first-class business intelligence (BI) tool that's capable of storing, processing and visualizing vast amounts of data.
Existing Excel users and IT Pros providing Excel support
Acquaintance with basic features and functionality of Microsoft Excel
  • Introduction
  • PivotTable functionality
  • Installing PowerPivot
  • Supported Data Sources
  • Getting Data into PowerPivot
  • Creating Linking Data
  • Copying and Pasting Data from Excel
  • Importing Data from
    • Excel
    • SQL Server
    • a Text File
    • Other Sources
  • Data Cleaning
  • Creating and Managing Relationships
    • Auto Detecting Relationships
    • Defining a Relationship Manually
    • Calculation between Tables
    • Defining a Difficult Relationship
    • Concatenated Key Relationship
  • Data Sheet View
  • PowerPivot Window view
  • Applying Numeric Formatting
  • Data Sorting in the PowerPivot Window
  • Data Filtering in the PowerPivot Window
  • Rearranging Columns
  • Show/Hiding Columns at Two Levels
  • Undo and Redo in PowerPivot
  • Deleting Columns
  • Using the Context Menu
    • PowerPivot DAX Functions & Measures
      • Operators in the DAX Language
      • Adding a new column Using DAX Formula
      • Working with DAX Measures
      • DAX Function Reference
      • Grabbing Values from a Related table
      • Building Formulas in the PowerPivot Grid
    • Building Pivot Reports using PowerPivot
      • Elements of a Pivot Report
      • Arranging Field Headings to Build a Report
      • Using the PowerPivot Field List to Create Reports
      • Building a Pivot Report Building a Report with Two Pivot Charts
      • Building a Report with multiple views
      • Adding Slicers and Understanding Slicer Auto Layouts
      • Adding a Pivot Chart to an Existing Layout
      • Adding a Pivot Table to an existing layout
  • Power View
    • What is Power View
    • Power view Basic
    • Using the Filters Pane
    • Decorating you reports
    • Understanding table, Matrix, and cards
    • Using the Matrix Visualization
    • Using the Card Visualization
    • Using a Table as slicer
    • Using Chart
    • Using the line Chart
    • Using the pie Chart
    • Using the scatter Chart
    • Using Maps
    • Understanding Drill Down
    • Using Titles
    • Understanding multipliers
    • Using Power view Effectively
Dates and Times: 
Nov 21 - Dec 5
Duration (Hours): 

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