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IT Professionals, Developers, Web and Graphic Designers and IT Users develop, support, manage or computer software, hardware, and networks. AKTINA offers the most comprehensive training that enables them to build professional solutions and stay competitive today and in the future.

Whether you are looking to add new skills or enhance your current ones, AKTINA provides you with the knowledge and training you need to meet and exceed your career goals. See the variety of Training Delivery Options we offer.

If you are a professional and want to be up to date with technology, training by AKTINA has the answers for your training needs, based on products and technologies that will give you the solutions you need for your career, your business and your future.

The decision to begin a new career is not always easy, but once you make that decision, AKTINA can help you develop the skills you need to succeed in an IT career.


Acquiring an IT certification is advantageous for organizations and individuals alike. AKTINA recognizes that in today’s demanding business environment, relying on a college degree and experience is not enough. That’s why AKTINA places considerable emphasis on offering popular, market-acknowledged certifications.

An IT professional who succeeds in acquiring one or more of the IT certifications enjoys a number of important advantages:

  • International recognition of knowledge and proficiency with IT products and technologies
  • Enhanced marketability, better job opportunities, higher remuneration
  • Invitations to seminars and subsidised training
  • Access to technical and product information through secured Web areas
  • Use of Vendors’ logos and lapel pins.

For some interesting videos showing the benefits associated with being a Microsoft Certified IT Professional or Developer, click on the following links:

See following video explaining exam procedural issues in the case of Microsoft certifications.
The demonstration walks you through a Microsoft Certification Exam from start to finish, so you know what to expect when you take your exam. Exams are delivered by AKTINA in its capacity as a Pearson VUE Authorized Test Center (PVTC):