Cybersecurity & Windows Server Skills

Free Webinar delivered by Angelos Eliades, EC-Council Certified Instructor & Microsoft Certified Trainer – IT Training Manager at AKTINA
on 14 April 2021  in Greek with English slides

Pursuing certifications like Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and CND (Certified Network Defender) is particularly popular among security professionals. AKTINA offers the
EC-Council official courses leading to these industry-leading certifications. At the same time, it delivers the Windows Server skills and knowledge which are necessary for an all-round understanding of the security attacks and the available tools to face these.

Download our 30’ webinar delivered by a person who knows well how Cybersecurity issues are interrelated with Microsoft Windows Server: Angelos Eliades, a Microsoft Certified Trainer and an EC-Council Certified Instructor, will explain how your Windows Server knowledge will enhance your security skills and vice-versa:

  • Become aware of the risks and vulnerabilities faced by your domain environment
  • Explore the tools a hacker may use
  • Learn the countermeasures an ethical hacker should adopt

Click here to watch the webinar.

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The New Microsoft Courses & Certifications

Free Webinar delivered by Angelos Eliades MCT, IT Training Manager at AKTINA
on 16 March 2021 in Greek with English slides

MCSA has been the most popular acronym among IT certifications. No wonder many professionals are surprised to find that Microsoft is withdrawing MCSA and replacing it with the so-called role-based new certifications. But what exactly are these? And what happened to the courses comprising the MCSA, especially the Windows Server ones?

Download our 30’ webinar to watch Angelos Eliades MCT, IT Training Manager at AKTINA, explaining:

  • Why is Microsoft replacing MCSA?
  • Do the Windows Server courses still exist?
  • What are the new role-based certifications?
  • Is Azure training important?

AKTINA can help you get familiar with the courses you need to be up to date with latest Microsoft technology. At the same time, you will learn which certifications are in high demand today.

Click here to watch the webinar.

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AKTINA Webinar: How to Get into Cyber Security – presented by Philip Blake on April 24, 2020

IT Professionals realize the growing importance of acquiring Cyber Security skills. EC-Council, in collaboration with AKTINA, organized on April 24, 2020 a webinar on “How to Get into Cyber Security”. It was attended by Systems Administrators, Network Engineers, Cloud Consultants, Support Engineers, Help Desk Technicians and Database Administrators.

The webinar was presented by Philip Blake – Regional Director (Europe) at EC-Council. Topics included a Cyber Security Threat Landscape, Certified Ethical Hacker Lab Demonstrations, EC-Council Tracks and the market for Cyber Security professionals.

Stratos Panayides, AKTINA’s Operations Manager and a panelist in the webinar, presented briefly the company’s current training activities. AKTINA is EC-Council’s Accredited Training Center in Cyprus, authorized to deliver its official courses and exams.

The webinar was a great opportunity to see how IT Professionals may transition their IT skills to the challenging world of Cyber Security.

For any further information, you may contact AKTINA at or 22.818101/25.373800.

Office 365 & Azure Crash Courses on May 23 & 24 and June 8 & 9 co-organized by Microsoft Cyprus and AKTINA

Microsoft Cyprus and Aktina co-organised a Free Office 365 & Azure “Cloud University” 2-day Course on May 23 & 24 and June 8 & 9. The course provided extensive hands on, scenario-based training which allowed participants to delve into the latest Microsoft cloud technologies.

Information Technology and Cloud Challenges on March 17

Information Security and Cloud Computing evolve at lightning speed. The recent AKTINA conference addressed the emerging challenges: Who should be responsible for information security within an organization? What are the required resources and expenditure to combat cyber threats? What additional risks do cloud technologies present? Are there productivity gains through cloud computing? How do organisations fill the gap between cloud expectations and results? The “Information Security & Cloud Challenges” conference on March 17 presented the ever-changing security risks and cloud opportunities. Please click on  to see details of the presentations.

5th ICT Summit & Exhibition on March 6

AKTINA has participated in the 5th ICT Summit & Exhibition on March 6 at Hilton Park, Lefkosia. Visitors were able to explore the fascinating world of IT training and discover which certifications are in high-demand in Cyprus and abroad, offered by AKTINA at affordable costs and convenient arrangements.

The 5th Summit and Exhibition on Information and Technology informed all companies aiming to grow efficiently by increasing productivity, sales, profitability, etc. Through a right mix of solutions and tools, participants had the opportunity to identify ways in which IT can help their businesses survive and grow.

For the agenda details and presentations click here. Please see Stratos Panayides’s presentation in the Summit, demonstrating why IT Pros & Developers should be certified and which certifications are in high-demand in Cyprus and abroad.

Microsoft Conference on March 21, 2014

AKTINA participated in the Microsoft Conference which took place on Friday March 21 where we exhibited our latest training and certification offerings.


“A Brighter Future with Microsoft Technologies” – Open Presentation organized by AKTINA on March 5 at the Cyprus Hilton

The current economic crisis presents important challenges. Many tough decisions have to be made, one of them being the role of Information Technology. Can it contribute towards cost rationalization? Is it worth upgrading now rather than later? Which development platform should be used?

We would like to thank all those IT Pros and Developers who joined AKTINA at the open event “A Brighter Future with Microsoft Technologies” on Tuesday March 5 at the Cyprus Hilton and watched how the latest Microsoft technologies can help your organization cut costs and increase productivity.


“Start getting more from Microsoft Technologies” – Open Seminar organized by AKTINA

There are many ways you can improve business effectiveness and efficiency. Information Technology has certainly a role to play. AKTINA promised to demonstrate that there is a lot of Microsoft technologies that you may utilize to achieve this goal.
We kept our promise by delivering the message to over 100 IT Professionals who gathered at Hilton Park on Tuesday November 2: Start getting more from E-mail, Windows Server and Virtualization!